Brightcon 2021: Final schedule online By Chris Mutel ·
Brightcon 2021: Last call for talk abstracts and registration 3 messages By Chris Mutel ·
Registration for Brightway support sessions 2 messages #poll-notice By Chris Mutel ·
Brightcon 2021 registration and talk/session submission is live By Chris Mutel ·
Brightcon 2021: 🚀 🎉 🥳 👩‍💻 6 messages By Chris Mutel ·
WG: two abstracts for next week's Brightcon conference By Andreas Ciroth ·
[Talk proposal] Presenting lca_algebraic : Bringing symbolic calculus to Brightway2 for parametric inventories, global sensitivity analysis and generation of simplified models. By Raphael Jolivet ·
Talk submission By Stefan Pauliuk ·
Talk on linking sustainability assessment data to semantic web and linked open data By Agneta ·
proposed talk By Miguel Fernández Astudillo ·
Organizing talk proposals By Chris Mutel ·
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